‘The Last Case of Benedict Fox’ Gets M+K Remapping, Control Smoothness, UX Enhancements, and a Whole Lot More

One Foxy Patch

Developer Plot Twist has announced the release of a new patch for their Burton-esque adventure ‘The Last Case of Benedict Fox’. This update includes a host of improvements to the games user interface, control scheme, an overhaul to the ‘piano puzzle’, combat enhancements, and bug fixes and performance improvements. It’s quite a lot of changes.

You can find the full changelog below courtesy of the developer’s Twitter. The Last Case of Benedict Fox is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles and we liked it quite a bit it—check out Jon’s review of the game.



– MNK remapping and customizable controller layout

– Revamped/smoother camera

– More responsive controls

– Remastered combat and animation system

– Faster melee and aiming mechanics

– Rebalanced enemies to match increase player speed

– Enhanced easy difficulty with quest markers

– UI and Map Markers for improved progress flow

– UI improvements based on player feedback

– Overhauled piano puzzle with improved camera and updated UI

– Improved stability and performance

– Audio fixes

– Bug fixes

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Twitter Post on Patch

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  1. Avatar for Biggzy Biggzy says:

    Sounds like a good time to jump in.

  2. Busy life helped me out to wait out for this to be ready.

  3. Avatar for Sydle Sydle says:

    Been looking forward to it getting patched up. Of course it came out around the release of Starfield.

    I’ll check it out soon.

  4. Avatar for nrXic nrXic says:

    Honestly impressive. The improvements to the gameplay and such tells me a whole lot about the development team.

    With it still being on GP it gives a lot of us to finally try the game knowing that it’s polished in every way at this point.

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