Bullet Hell Shmup ‘Overdriven Evolution’ Comes to Xbox Consoles August 25, Solo + Coop Play

Lotsa Bullets, One Tiny Ship

Developer TOMAGameStudio has announced that their bullet hell-like shoot ’em up ‘Overdriven Evolution’ will be coming to Xbox consoles on the 25th of August with crossbuy for Windows PCs. Players will take on the Kruuthian empire as they dodge thousands of bullets with many pattern types, take out huge bosses, and solve quick puzzles on the fly. The game is playable solo and with up to 4 other players as well, allowing for bullet mayham as you seek to defeat the Kruthian Empire’s Emporer.

Have a gander at the trailer and game description below for more information. Overdriven Evolution can be purchased on the Xbox Store by clicking right here.

Overdriven Evolution takes you on a challenging journey through the Kruuthian empire with an ever-changing, expertly crafted universe full of action.Embark on an epic voyage to destroy huge bosses. Be ready for an action-packed experience by dodging thousands of bullets and complete quick puzzles with your powerful spaceship. Prepare for deadly challenges that require both good gear and mastery of controls.In each exciting run, you will face more enemies, more bullet patterns, and improved bosses, ensuring countless hours of thrilling gameplay. Enjoy new and improved stages, graphics, and 3D environments. The entire game can be played as a single-player or local co-op with up to 4 players. Join in on the adventure to defeat the Kruuthian Emperor.

7 Game Modes to test your pilot skills:-

– ARCADE: Can you beat the game with only a few continues?
– MANIC: Test your true arcade skills with no health bar.
– THE LINE: Use all your knowledge and mastery to keep enemies away from the red line.
– 10 CHALLENGES: Replay each stage with a specific goal.
– COLOR-REFLEX: Involving 56 new and improved Puzzle-Maps mixing match3 and shmup!
– BOSS-RUSH: Use everything you have as an expert pilot to beat all the bosses at once.

Choose from three different spaceships to take on these challenges, one of which you must unlock during the game. Overdriven Evolution is filled with collectible artifacts, hidden items, and a long list of achievements for dedicated SHMUP fans and completionists alike. Make sure you collect all 50 alien artifacts, find the 10 hidden space cows, and complete the 75 Steam Achievements.Beat your best score in the online Leaderboards for all modes and difficulties, and listen to the original instrumental rock soundtrack available on the game menu.Best of luck in stopping the Kruuthian Emperor!
Adventure awaits!

Overdriven Evolution Game Description

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  1. I am really terrible at this type of game, so it’s nice to see lots of difficulty options here. May give it a try.

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