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4K.... ok?

DEPGI is back with another Series S portable monitor. This one is a 4k resolution, 60hz variant that fits snuggly around an Xbox Series S. 4K is a bit of a strange choice for a device that aims at 1080p gaming, but oh ho let us not forget about all those delicious (and low bit-rate) 4k streaming services! I’ve spent some quality time with this quality device, so let’s break it down.


  • 4K IPS Display that runs at 60hz
  • Freesync Compatible
  • HDR 300 Certified
  • Includes: HDMI Cable, Power Brick, & Remote Control
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Dual 3W Speakers
  • On-Board Controls
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • 3 Display Modes

The Screen & Build Quality

The most important part of any display, of course, is the screen. Featuring an IPS display with 8ms response time, HDR10 certification, and a 4K resolution it looked great from most viewing angles. It gets fairly bright, though the HDR isn’t something I would recommend using often. It’s no OLED and things can look extremely dark while using it. Resolution and response time-wise the screen looks and feels great to use. I spent time playing Overwatch 2 and felt no perceptible lag. Colors were decently vibrant on the normal settings, with little to no ghosting in quick movement. The 4k resolution means most games are still running at 1080p but are being upscaled. Netflix and YouTube looked great taking advantage of that full pixel count. It’s not a huge monitor so 4k can feel like overkill, but there is no denying how crisp it makes things look when you’re sitting right up next to it.

Setting up the monitor was a breeze, with only a few screws needed on the right side to hold everything in place. It can be difficult to reach the back of the Series S once it is screwed in, so make sure you have it all set up before doing so. Unlike the 15.6″ screen I covered before there is no extra clip needed to hold anything in place, which is a huge bonus.

The OSD (on-screen display) reacts decently fast compared to other portable monitors I’ve used and was a standard, easy-to-understand layout. I did notice a bit of creaking in the plastics at first when using them. It doesn’t feel “cheap” but it’s clearly rather thin plastic that could crack if your kids treat it like kids tend to do. The hinges on the screen had a solid amount of play. It’s enough to move the screen up and down easily but strong enough to rigidly hold it in place wherever you want.

One design issue with all of these displays is what happens if you close the screen while the Series S is still on. That little machine pumps out some serious heat, and I could see it frying the display quickly if you made that mistake. I’m not sure what a solution is for how portable they want these to be, but it’s something to make sure you tell your kids to watch for if you get them one. The speakers are weak, enough to let you know that sound is coming out but it is muffled and it never gets quite loud enough. The onboard headphone jack helps out as you can hook up something better both headphone and speaker-wise with ease.

Wrapping Things Up

At $330 MSRP on Amazon this is more than the cost of a Series S. It offers unmatched portability and screen quality, so if you’re a family that travels a lot, loves camping, and can’t be without your game console it should do the trick. DEPGI 4K 14″ Portable Gaming Monitor IPS Screen for Xbox Series S(not Included) with Remote Control, Portable Monitor with HDR10, AMD FreeSync, 2X HDMI for Indoor Outdoor Travel… : Video Games

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Review unit provided by the manufacturer’s PR

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