KEMCO Celebrates Their 50th Xbox Release With ‘KEMCO: 50 RPGs Celebratory Bundle’, Available for 50 Days From Today

50 games to celebrate KEMCO's 50th Xbox game.

Publisher KEMCO has announced that, in celebration of their 50th release on the Xbox platform, they will offer a 50 RPG bundle on the Xbox Store featuring some of their best games from a wide-range of developers. From good old-fashioned dungeon crawling to golfing evil away, there are a lot of games in this bundle that will cater to many tastes.

The ‘KEMCO: 50 RPGs Celebratory Bundle’ can be purchased on the Xbox Store for $199.99 and the bundle will go for 50 days. A list of the titles in the bundle can be found below. Naturally, these titles are all cross-save and cross-buy across devices.

Alphadia Genesis, Alphadia Genesis 2, Alphadia Neo, Alvastia Chronicles, Ambition Record, Antiquia Lost, Armed Emeth, Asdivine Cross, Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Hearts II, Asdivine Kamura, Asdivine Menace, Asdivine Saga, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, Bonds of the Skies, Chroma Quaternion, Chronus Arc, Crystal Ortha, Dragon Lapis, Dragon Prana, Dragon Sinker, Fairy Elements, Fernz Gate, Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, Gale of Windoria, Ghost Sync, Heirs of the Kings, Illusion of L’Phalcia, Infinite Links, Justice Chronicles, Legend of Ixtona, Legend of the Tetrarchs, Liege Dragon, Marenian Tavern Story, Miden Tower, Monochrome Order, Monster Viator, Onigo Hunter, Overrogue, Revenant Dogma, Revenant Saga, RPGolf Legends, Ruinverse, Seek Hearts, Sephirothic Stories, Silver Nornir, Sword of Elpisia, The Smile Alchemist, Wizards of Brandel

This bundle comes as a suggestion from Microsoft to KEMCO, after a member of the ID@Xbox team briefly mentioned this milestone to the company’s International Manager Matteo Conti. You can learn more about the company and the creation of this bundle from this interview over on Xbox Wire.

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  1. Neat. Not paying 200 dollars for what is about 20 dollars worth of good games. Nice gesture though

  2. I just can’t understand what would possess them to do this. I’m even more shocked that Xbox would give this such a spotlight. Even if you were a big fan of all of these games, were you holding out for that 50 game bundle?

  3. It’s just games, don’t worry about it so much.

  4. For those surprised/confused by this, just know that these types of big developer sale bundles happen all the time on Steam.

    I can’t imagine anyone buying this on Xbox though. I feel like if you’re a fan of Kemco’s games, you’ve probably bought the ones you want already since they’re almost always on sale for 50% off.

  5. I’m not upset, I’m just dumbfounded.

    This is my point. You’re not going to convince new players with a $200 bundle and a digital bundle isn’t going to get your collector fans. Also with Steam these bundles make sense because you get discounts based on what you already own.

  6. image

    55 purchases so far that have reviewed it


  7. That doesn’t seem to be reviews for the bundle as some of them are dated as early as 2020, so I think it just took reviews from the first game in the bundle.

    Anyway, it’s cool the idea was born from an MS suggestion, the games are “Steam New section” tier unfortunately.

  8. Avatar for CryOn CryOn says:

    Play one Kemco game and every other game is very similar.

    Solid games and insane value for the bundle. I think each game is around €15 which means the bundle is worth €750.

  9. It’s a lot of money to spend in one go but it’s also 50 games so maybe they are banking on people impulse buying

    Kind of like action 52 back in the day although while im sure there’s a number of stinkers in this bundle, I doubt they are as bad as action 52

  10. I dont know why they dont cut down the amount of devs and focus on better games

    Literally 1 dude made Chained Echoes. Better than anything kemco have ever put out

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