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Very Comfortable

If you are looking for a high-end ergonomic office chair that you can sit in for a long time without pain and never move your body— then Haworth’s Limited Edition Xbox Very Gaming Chair is the choice for you.  I have sat my butt comfortably in this chair for 3 working days and I have very good results to report.  (Take a drink every time I say “ergonomic” to stay extra hydrated.) 

Unlike other chairs’ armrests, this one is actually ergonomic and your elbows rest comfortably on them while typing.  I’ve never personally come across this after working in office chairs for 16 years and I’ve sat in a lot of $100 “ergonomic” office chairs. The Very chair is 360° of fully adjustable ergonomics.  You got the obvious height, and armrests that lift, turn, and slide towards the body; you can tighten or loosen the tilt of the chair as well as the recline, you can fully adjust the headrest, and the seat also pulls forward (helpful for larger people and people with big booties); the lumbar can be adjusted and tilted (also good for big booties). 

The one issue I had with the adjustability was the seat back not tilting forward as much as I’d like so I had to sit forward without a backrest.  But this is more of an existing issue with my body and something I’ve already dealt with rather than an issue with the chair’s design. If you have a normal-sized butt and a relatively straight spine— or if you don’t— you will be ergonomically cradled. If I missed anything that is adjustable, then you can most likely assume it’s adjustable.   And because I am an adult, I did a spin test for science.  It’s spinny for a long time.   

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  • Seat height adjusts from 16″ to 21″
  • Tilt tension control for supportive reclining
  • 4D arms support neck and shoulders
  • 3″ seat depth adjustment
  • Back lock offers upright support
  • Optional forward tilt lets you easily adjust your posture
  • Optional asymmetrical lumbar support lets you fine-tune support independently on each side
  • Waterfall seat edge for leg relief and comfort
  • Designed for all body shapes and sizes
  • Soft casters
  • Is delivered fully assembled with only 2 screws to attach the head rest
  • MSRP: $999.00 US

Specifications provided by Haworth

Unlike the Fern office chair— which I can sit my fat butt in for hours upon hours— this chair will make my legs feel a little sore after an hour or so.  But this is me being lazy because I could just get my sore butt up and move around instead of stubbornly being uncomfortable.  The seat has a waterfall edge so it doesn’t dig into the back of your knees. If your legs are longer and the edge doesn’t come to the back of your knees, you can offset it by lowering the seat so your legs are an ideal ergonomic 90°. In fact, everyone should have their legs at 90° in their office chair, but with my workspace, my arms will be lower than the desk, causing wrist pressure.  So if you are shorter—or if you are taller or bigger or skinnier, really any body type— you might want to consider moving your beautiful physique after a couple of hours of sitting.  Or get a footrest if you really do not want to ever stand, but come on, you should get up and stop blaming your chair.

Wrapping Things Up

Overall, a “Very” ergonomic and comfortable chair.  If you have the budget to spend more than $200 at Staples and you like to actually be comfortable, the Very chair is an excellent candidate for your hard-earned dollars and your body will thank you.  Forget the brand that rhymes with Sherman Griller and only remember “Haworth Very”. The crossover model I reviewed comes with a sleek, stealthy Xbox design of gray hues with a pop of Xbox green on the lumbar support and a thin circle on the wheels, a light gray Xbox logo stitched onto the headrest, and an Xbox decal on the back.  For your comfort, there is a mesh backrest so you don’t get sweaty and a soft leather seat. This chair doesn’t scream Xbox, but it is a classy design with a wink to your inner gamer. 

The Haworth Limited Edition Xbox Collection

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  1. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

    Great review!

    Chair looks great too, I really dig the not so in-your-face-gaming design whilst still being nerdy af.

  2. Avatar for Zip Zip says:

    How much padding /how soft is the padding on the armrests? I’ve got a secret labs and that’s probably my biggest annoyance with that is how hard they feel if I am putting weight on it.

  3. Unfortunately, the arm rests are not padded. They aren’t hard, but they don’t have padding. They have give if I push on them.

    Edit: I just leaned on the arm rest since I responded and it feels fine to me, I have been leaning on the rests a lot and haven’t had soreness or pain. They are like a firm foam.

  4. Avatar for Zip Zip says:

    Thanks, appreciate it! I find myself really putting a lot of weight on my arms for some reason, honestly not sure why. Might be because I can’t get the height where I want it and my desk is higher.

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