‘Marble It Up! Ultra’ Rolls its Way to Xbox Consoles August 17


Developer Marble It Up, LLC has announced that its pinnacle of marble rolling and platforming, ‘Marble It Up! Ultra’, will be coming to Xbox consoles on the 17th of August. Featuring stylish visuals, world-class level design, dead sea salt-smooth controls, and fun multiplayer modes, this game is the ultimate marble experience from the minds behind ‘Marble It Up!’ and ‘Marble Blast’.

Check out the trailer, gallery, and game description below for Marble It Up! Ultra. You can grab the game on the Xbox Store right over here or check out the demo that came out a month back.

August 17th – Coming to these Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Epic Store, Steam (including Steam Deck)

Every Summer Ballblaster worth its salt deserves at least two sizzling reels. With just over two weeks left until launch, enjoy the Official Trailer to whet your appetite for pure marble action! Marble It Up! Ultra is the pinnacle of marble platforming from the minds behind Marble It Up! and Marble Blast. World-class level design, buttery-smooth controls, gorgeous visuals, and exhilarating multiplayer – welcome to the ultimate marble experience! Roll through an extensive single-player campaign filled with dangerous obstacles, mind-bending paths, shifting gravity, bouncy floors, and potent power-ups.

Embrace the five competitive and chaotic multiplayer modes. Team up to hunt gems, score goals, escape zombies, and prove your marble mettle online. Blast your way to glory! Unlock a magnificent collection of marbles, trails, and hats! Find hidden trophies, earn medals, and play online – all while earning your next piece of marble fashion. Push yourself to the next level. Hunting achievements and climbing the Global Leaderboards are sure-fire ways to become a marble master! Weekly Challenges add new modifiers to levels for a fresh new way to compete each week!

Get ready to roll!

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Marble It Up! Ultra Game Description

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  1. Played that Marble game on Xbox 360 so much back in the day! This is like a Day 1 purchase for me lol!

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