New Xbox Home Dashboard Launches Today and PayPal’s ‘Pay Later’, Venmo Solutions Arrive Later

I spy, with my little eye, my dynamic dashboard wallpaper!

Microsoft has announced that, starting today, all Xbox consoles will begin receiving the new Home experience that has been in beta circulation for the last few months. This new Home experience offers some immediate changes to the current dashboard, featuring more real estate for your wallpapers, quick links to the Microsoft Store/Game Pass/Library sections, and more subtle changes such as pinning more types of content and changes to the Community & Friends row.

The company has also expanded its relationship with payment processor PayPal, offering new payment services such as PayPal’s Pay Later solution and later Venmo support. More specifically:

PayPal Pay Later: With PayPal Pay Later, eligible consumers will now be able to pay for their purchases evenly over the course of weeks or months in fixed amounts, providing flexibility in how to pay and helping customers to better manage their budget. 

Pay with Venmo: Venmo’s powerful social app will help improve the customer experience by enabling a quick and simple checkout process in the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Store on Xbox*. When consumers pay with Venmo, they’ll have the option to purchase subscriptions or split payments upon purchase. 

Microsoft and PayPal Press Release

The new Home experience will gradually roll out to all consoles throughout the day. Microsoft’s integration of Pay Later will launch in U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, with Venmo support arrive later on.

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