UPDATE: Sony PlayStation finally sign a Call of Duty deal, Phil Spencer announces on Twitter.

Better late than never!

UPDATE: The terms of the deal, according to The Verge, are now limited only to Call of Duty. Microsoft originally offered to keep “existing Activision console titles on Sony” along with future versions of Activision entries until 2027.

ORGINAL: Following the resounding defeat of the FTC in court, many are wondering just when the deal will close. While the CMA is still there as the final hurdle, it’s looking increasingly likely that Microsoft were going to close the deal, one way or the other.

It seems like Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony likely agrees, and despite refusing to sign a new deal for the last 18 months of this everlasting saga, it seems that finally, Sony and Microsoft are in agreement.

Phil Spencer announced on Twitter today:

Quite what the details are of course, remains a mystery, but for now, all eyes will be on the CMA and Microsoft on Monday, where they will be holding a case management hearing, and we will finally know, what happens next.

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