Antstream Arcade Brings its 1300+ Library of Retro Games to Xbox Consoles

Officially licensed games by the thousands.

Antstream Ltd. has announced that their platform of retro games, previously available on Windows, browsers, and mobile devices, will be coming to Xbox consoles. Running natively on the console’s hardware, Antstream’s platform offers unrestricted access to some of gaming’s best alongside offering community-made challenges and tournaments to compete with players all over the world. As a platform, games will also be added monthly to the service as well as new features. Two player couch coop is also supported.

Antstream launches next week, but you can pre-order access to the service over on the Xbox Store here. The regular edition of Antstream is an annual subscription that must be renewed at $29.99, or you can opt to buy the ‘Lifetime Pass Edition’ which will grant you permanent access to Antstream’s platform and its games for $79.99.

Have a gander at the full game list right over here, on Antstream’s official website.

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  1. I might give it a try.

  2. Definitely maybe :thinking:

  3. Im probably misunderstanding what it means to run something natively but I think this is wrong? When I tried Antstream sometime back you couldn’t download the games. It was streaming only.

  4. I wouldn’t take this as fact or anything but a reviewer on YouTube said that the PC freemium version is streaming and the subscription version has an option to download. Of course the random YouTube cheapass didn’t subscribe to demonstrate this, so he could’ve been talking out of his a**. :man_shrugging:

  5. The platform runs natively on xbox hardware. Essentially it has a native Xbox app.

  6. I pretty much love this service. It works great for me and as an old guy there is a lot of nostalgia here.

    Some of the emulation can be so-so, like the sound in Mortal Kombat is messy as hell, but it still plays great.

  7. Avatar for EPC EPC says:

    It really depends on your nostalgia. 358 games for the C64 and 350 for the zx spectrum. Too old for me. This is already half of the library.

  8. I’ve been playing a lot of the challenges. It’s so fun!

  9. The C64 was the first system I ever played games on.

  10. Avatar for EPC EPC says:

    I am older than that, but I would not come back to those game time anyway.

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