Developer People Can Fly Partners with Microsoft for Exclusive “AAA” Game Title

Total budget for the production is roughly '30 to 50 million US dollars'.

Developer People Can Fly (of Gears of War: Judgement and Bulletstorm fame) have announced in an ESPI report that they have partnered with Microsoft Corp. to produce a “AAA game” codenamed ‘Project Maverick’ with a production budget of roughly “30 to 50 million US dollars”.

Have a gander at the ESPI report, translated with DeepL, courtesy of

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  1. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    Hoping to see good things come from this. They did a great job on Gears Judgment and BulletStorm. Their game Outriders was good after you got past some of the story tropes.

  2. Loved Outriders and I can always use another third person shooter so I hope that’s what People Can Fly is working on for Microsoft.

  3. Agree. I had a few quibbles with Outriders, but it was surprisingly solid for the first entry in a new IP under a publisher like Square Enix. The fact they managed to make such a decent game that was played by a good chunk of folks under those conditions is to be applauded. Use that experience, clean it up, and you’re on your way to something great.

  4. I think that it wil most likely be gears again, but i would prefer it to be jet force gemini.

  5. Avatar for Wom Wom says:

    A successor to BulletStorm would be my game of choice, but I think it will be Gears related.

  6. Isn’t a 30-50 mill budgeting a smaller tier game, Like double a at most?

    Always here about triple a games going into the 100 million or more mark.

    Either way I am in love the stuff they make.

  7. It depends on the amount of employees and length of the project. Its pricier than a remaster, but less than a Halo.

    I would guess on par with Avowed, Alan Wake 2. Plague Tale 2. MS Flight Sim.

  8. Agree. The MOD system in Outriders was great as well. I wonder if they implement something similar in their Microsoft funded and published game. I’m just hoping that it’s a shooter and something similar to Outriders but now that im thinking about it, didn’t People Can Fly have a publishing deal with Take Two Interactive via Private Division that was abandoned or something? If so, I wonder if Microsoft picked it up.

  9. Poland has cheaper labor so 30-50 million gets you around double that.

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