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Starfield to Run at 4k/30 and 1440p/30 Frames on Xbox Series X and S Consoles Respectively

"We don't want to sacrifice any of it."

Speaking to IGN, Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield will run at 4k and 1440p resolutions on the Xbox Series X and S consoles respectively at a locked 30 frames per second. Todd explained it as a way to “ensure consistency” in terms of player experience, and because of what can happen in their big worlds full of simulations, that they did not want to sacrifice any of that.

Have a gander at the sourced Tweet below, courtesy of IGN.

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  1. Disappointing but not surprising. Hoping they show gameplay running off Xbox Series X before the game releases.

  2. looks like im waiting either for a mid gen upgrade or next gen which ever comes first. im not playing 30 fps, i also dont game on pc. disappointing but not the end of the world. plenty to play

  3. I look forward to playing it on my PC at 4K/60fps+

    Will definitely check it out on Series X on the 65" TV cause it’ll have cross saves.

  4. Will be playing in third person more then.

  5. Anyone expecting more was a bit foolish to be honest. The stuff going on in this game is on completely other level and no resolution scaling will bring it down to a level that makes it possible at 60fps. Bethesda is pushing the envelope here and the previews really make you understand why this is 30fps. Nothing on any of the next Gen systems even comes close.

  6. What the heeeeeell Oh my god no waAaaAay

  7. Would it have been nice if there was an option of either 4K/30 FPS or 1080/60 FPS, yes, but this isn’t the end of the world.

    The game will be great and has Huge potential for game of the year too.

  8. also possible they update it later like absobo did for plague tale 2. either way ill wait

  9. Yeah, definitely disappointing. But the game was running very smoothly on the combat sections, hopefully like with Fallout 4 a 60fps update is on the way. It will also mean that VRR is off the table for now.

  10. Avatar for vrg vrg says:

    I just hope the only difference between the consoles is resolution. I don’t want lower NPC densities on Series S.

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