New HCS Weapon Bundles, the “Forest” map, New Equipment and More Are Coming in Season 4 of Halo Infinite

What you need to know

  • Season 4 of Halo Infinite releases on June 20th, 2023
  • New HCS weapon bundles are coming, along with a new BR weapon model
  • ‘Forest’ is the new arena map for Season 4, there will also be a new BTB map
  • A new power-up, the “Quantum Translocator” and a modified equipment, the “Threat Seeker” are coming to competitive play
  • Career rank will be given more detail in a blog that releases tomorrow

Over at DreamHack Dallas, we received some new information on Season 4 and what’s coming with it. Alongside confirming once again that the Infection playtype and Career Rank will launch with the season, we also got a glimpse at new HCS weapon bundles. Including our look at the first new weapon model, “Akriveia” for the Battle Rifle.

The “Akriveia” Battle Rifle Model

The HCS weapon bundles are the 2nd of four HCS bundles to release this year, you can see all of them in the trailer released by 343.

Also shown was the arena map coming with Season 4, “Forest”, which looks incredible visually. There will also be a BTB map at launch as well as a Plaza remake for competitive play coming in early Season 4.

The new equipment for the season, the “Quantum Translocator” was finally officially shown. As a power-up, it allows you to designate a location and then teleport back to it instantly. A modified version of the Threat Sensor, called the “Threat Seeker” is also coming to competitive play. When fired it pings only once any enemies it can see, allowing it to be both powerful but also limited and it should fit nicely in the competitive sandbox.

That’s all they shared today, but keep an eye out for a blog post tomorrow detailing more information about the Career Rank progression system.

Source: Halo Twitter

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