DON’T NOD’s ‘Tell Me Why’ is Free to Own for the Entire Month of June

In honour of Pride Month.

Developer DON’T NOD and publisher Xbox Game Studios have announced that their narrative adventure game ‘Tell Me Why’ is available to own for free for all platforms (Xbox consoles and PC) for the entire duration of Pride Month. Just like in previous years, players can pick up the game on either Steam or the Xbox Store and experience an award-winning story that features deep storytelling and narrative branching.

You can pick up Tell Me Why on Steam and the Xbox Store by clicking on their respective hyperlinks. And feel free to check out our review on Tell Me Why, too.

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  1. A very very good story, told incredibly well, with fantastic performances. It is also filled with intricate nuace about a subject that gaming avoids, but is also uniquely able to put forward empathetic actions better than any other medium.

    The game is the usual DONTNOD style so you might get on with it.

    But I found it thought provoking and emotionally powerful.

  2. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

  3. Avatar for Jeans Jeans says:

    Very cool game. It’s short and sweet.

    To be honest I liked it more than Life is Strange True Colors.

  4. Dinner for one !

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