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Shred Demons with Chart-topping Music in the ‘Essential Hits Pack’ Coming to Metal: Hellsinger June 13

Eight new songs to destroy la daemons.

Developer The Ousiders and publisher Funcom have announced a new DLC pack coming to their well-received rhythm FPS ‘Metal: Hellsinger’. Dubbed the ‘Essential Hits Pack’, players will jam it out to eight new licensed songs from a variety of genres as they gib ‘n gore demons to the rhythm of the beat. The Essential Hits Pack will be available on the 13th of June for PC and Xbox Series consoles. It is unknown if that includes the Xbox One version of the game, which launched after the PC and Series version.

Have a gander at the press release below. Metal: Hellsinger is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, console, and cloud. Wanna get an idea of what the game is? Check out our review on Metal: Hellsinger right here!

For the First Time, Play Metal: Hellsinger With Chart-Topping Music From Some of the Biggest Bands in the World!

On 13 June, Metal: Hellsinger delves beyond the realms of Metal for the first time with licensed music pack.

Oslo, Norway – May 30, 2023 – Funcom and The Outsiders are proud to announce the Essential Hits pack, that will – for the first time ever – expand Metal: Hellsinger’s multi-award winning original score with chart-topping hits from some of the biggest bands in the world. The Essential Hits pack releases on 13 June and includes eight songs from a variety of genres.

Metal: Hellsinger is the heavy metal rhythm FPS from publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders that takes you on an epic mission to reclaim your voice from the devil herself. Get into the groove of the blistering soundtrack and dash, slash, and blast through the Hells in time to the rhythm.

Soon, the demon hordes of the Hells will learn to fear the familiar beat of chart-topping hit songs from a variety of genres; the mosh pit welcomes all.

Sitting at a 97% Overwhelmingly Positive Steam Rating and nine awards and nominations, Metal: Hellsinger has captured the attention of those outside the headbanging metal crowd. For them, the Essential Hits pack is the perfect opportunity to experience the exhilarating flow of the game’s rhythm shooting mayhem.

For veteran Hellsingers, it’s a chance to see the Hells in a new light and slay to the beat of an even wider range of music, much of it unfamiliar to the ears of demons.

On June 13, Metal: Hellsinger opens the gates of Hell to the eight new songs in the Essential Hits pack.

‘Essential Hits Pack’ Press Release

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