Bungie Announces PvP-Focused Extraction Shooter ‘Marathon’, First ViDoc Available

Bungie announces a new project a little over a decade after Destiny.

Announced at the PlayStation Showcase yesterday, developer Bungie has unveiled their latest project ‘Marathon’, described as a PvP-focused Extraction shooter. Featuring plenty of distinct visuals in the reveal trailer, the Destiny developer emphasises that Marathon will be a full multiplayer-only title and one with a player-focused and driven narrative.

Have a gander at the reveal trailer, behind the scenes ‘ViDoc’, and press release below. More information on Marathon can be found on Bungie’s blog. Marathon will be coming to Xbox Series consoles with full crossplay and cross-save support.

Bungie Community Unlocks First Marathon Behind-the-Scenes Developer Interview (Bungie ViDoc)

Somewhere in the Heavens ViDoc offers a first look into the development of Bungie’s newest project and answers the question, “What is Marathon?”

Earlier today during the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie revealed Marathon: a new PvP-focused extraction shooter and the first completely new project from the studio in more than a decade. From the reveal, eagle-eyed viewers worked together to analyze and share confounding and conflicting clues, uncovering a network of lore-inspired secrets. Their successful completion led to unlocking Bungie’s first-ever Marathon ViDoc for players, entitled Somewhere in the Heavens.  

Treasure hunters are still hard at work as the ViDoc isn’t the only thing left to be revealed. What mysteries are still in store for fans to discover?  

For more information on Marathon, check out our blog with all the details here.

Marathon ViDoc 1 Press Release

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