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Drag'eh Pinball

Dragon Pinball is another in the long line of cheap pinball achievement games from the team at Super PowerUP Games. If you have read any of my previous Pinball reviews you know what you’re in for. The theme this time is a dragon in the back left corner and some skulls on the paddles. That’s about it, it feels like one of their lazier titles, so let’s get into it.

Dragon Rock

Dragon Pinball features a dragon on the board, he animates once in a while. The unique area here is the Dragon Egg Lair. With some luck, you’ll get in an area just in front of the dragon and use a 2nd set of paddles to smash its eggs! There is nothing close to the football minigame from their previous Touchdown Pinball title, and the generic rock music that plays in the background is somehow the most exciting thing you’ll experience.

The game follows the typical Super PowerUP Games Pinball setup of having incredibly easy-to-obtain achievements. With a modicum of skill, you’ll be able to snag 1000g in 30 minutes to an hour. There isn’t anything else to the game, like always, so unless you’re that desperate to get your gamerscore up for $3 US this one is impossible to recommend. It’s a generic, boring, table that looks fine but is not satisfying to play.

In Conclusion

A boring table kills any enjoyment in this achievement game. Look up their other ones for a more enjoyable experience.

Dragon Pinball

Played on
Xbox Series X
Dragon Pinball


  • Decent Table Graphics


  • Boring Design
  • Nothing to set it apart from other tables
  • Generic Rock OST
3.0 out of 10
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