Career Rank, Infection, Cross-Core and more is coming to Halo Infinite in Season 4

What you need to know

  • Season 4 releases on June 20th, 2023
  • Career Rank and Infection are coming at launch of Season 4 of Halo Infinite
  • Store and premium battle pass armor and weapon coatings will be cross-core starting in Season 4
  • The 343 developed Plaza remake will release in early Season 4
  • Playable Elites and assassinations are not in active development for Halo Infinite

343 revealed today in their latest “Spartan Chatter” (a public Discord voice call) that both Infection as well as Career Rank will be coming with Season 4, and both at launch. Season 4 will release on June 20th, a little more than a week after the Xbox and Starfield showcase earlier that month.

We don’t know all the details of these updates yet, other then that Career Rank will use the military ranks older Halo fans will no doubt recognize. 343 will be giving more information on Season 4 in the upcoming weeks before its release.

There were a few other topics mentioned in the Spartan Chatter. 343 head of live service, Sean Baron, went through some of the thought processes behind decision making/choosing what to prioritize. The settings resetting bug was mentioned as still being worked on, as are various other fixes such as networking issues. The Plaza remake was touched on and is now aimed to release sometime in early Season 4. They confirmed that both playable Elites as well as assassinations are not currently in active development.

Perhaps one of the hottest points of discussion with Halo Infinite right now, Cross-Core customization, was also addressed. Starting from Season 4 onwards, armor and weapon coatings in the item shop as well as from the premium battle pass will be fully cross-core. They did mention that for Season 4 their UI changes won’t be ready, so each coating will still come with a version for each core seperately, while in the future it’ll be one item that works across them all. Coatings from previous seasons as well as cross-core armor is still being worked on and they have no updates on those today.

This was their second official “Spartan Chatter” and they have plans to do more, focusing on different topics. This is bring some much welcome communiction and transparency from the team, especially as they dived into why they were so quiet over the months and what they’re improving on. It’s recommended to take a listen to the entire call to get a more thorough understanding of the latest developments at 343. We will update this post with the YouTube link of the call once they have it up.

Source: Halo Twitter

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