PUBG’s Update 23.2 Adds Clan System, Recall System, UX Enhancements

Clan up and work your team in PUBG's latest update.

Developer PUBG Studios and publisher Krafton have announced the details of PUBG Battlegrounds’ latest update. Update 23.2 adds a new Recall System that demands cooperation between players to overpower enemy players in Comeback battle royale. A clan system has also been implemented, allowing players to create clans and collaborate with clan members for benefits and rewards. You can also create a unique clan emblem with the provided website for use in game.

The companies are also collaborating with one of PUBG’s longstanding partners WackyJacky101, adding a skin bundle to the game for approximately 3,700 G-COINs.

PUBG’s Update 23.2 has been made available on PC today and console players can expect this patch to launch next week on the 25th. Check out the full patch notes here along with the press release below. And a reminder that PUBG Battlegrounds is a free-to-play third person battle royale game available on all Xbox consoles.


With our latest update, we’re introducing a unique feature to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS that not only adds an extra layer of fun to the standard battle royale mode, but also encourages a variety of novel strategic plays on the battlegrounds.
The new Recall System presents several key differences from the existing Comeback BR mechanic: it demands cooperation and effort from surviving team members rather than just the fallen player, is available until the mid-late game phases, and enables disrupting enemy players attempting to use the Recall system. The new Recall System is particularly helpful for novices who may struggle with combat in Comeback BR, as it emphasizes the importance of surviving team members’ roles in facilitating successful recalls.
Clan System has been added to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. This new feature allows players to create clans and collaborate with clan members to earn a range of benefits and rewards. In addition, Clan Emblem Workshop website has been launched, where players can create a unique clan emblem using the provided tools. Players can enter their clan tag and decorate their clan emblem. The newly created clan emblem can be saved as an image and shared on social media channels. The clan names, tags, emblems, and other content created through the website will not be shown on the player’s account in-game.
We are celebrating one of our longstanding PUBG Partners WackyJacky101 with a skin bundle collaboration. WackyJacky101’s Mega Bundle (3,700 G-COIN) contains:

WackyJacky101’s Wolf Set (1,590 G-COIN)
WackyJacky101’s Set (1,040 G-COIN)
WackyJacky101’s Weapon Set (1,980 G-COIN)
WackyJacky101’s Gear Set (1,000 G-COIN)
Bonus Items: WackyJacky101’s Wolf Mask, WackyJacky101’s Wiggle Boy (Emote), WackyJacky101 (Spray)

The individual sets can also be purchased separately and will be available on PC & Console 31 May – 23 August.
More details on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, are available at and on official social media channels: YouTubeTwitterInstagramFacebookTwitchTikTok.

PUBG Update 23.2 Press Release

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