Killer Instinct Receives A New Quality of Life Update, Moves Servers To PlayFab

2023 will be the 10th anniversary of Killer Instinct’s release. Starting life as an Xbox One launch title, there is still an incredibly active and dedicated community that still want more. In an effort to keep legacy servers up with little issue, they are now migrating to Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab. Players should expect a few things when booting the game up for the first time after installing this update, like a longer inital load time that only happens at first boot, and KI Gold being unavailable for purchase on console until a larger backend update fixes it. In the mean time, they can be purchased on

Whether or not this move was prompted due to issues with the ranked leaderboards getting hacked from last fall, that’s up for speculation, but this is a great move from Xbox to keep the game alive for many years to come. I’ve still never been able to do an ultra combo, at least others can continue to enjoy performing them on me.

Jared "Rare" Tracton

News writer for XboxEra.

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