Overwatch 2’s Long Awaited PvE Mode Has Been Cancelled

It’s been a long road for Blizzard when it comes to Overwatch. With the early access release of Overwatch 2 back in October, Blizzard had stated that in order to get the game into player’s hands faster, they would be splitting the release of the PvP and PvE modes. Now that PvE mode is no longer coming. In a developer update livestream, Executive Producer Jared Neuss along with Game Director Aaron Keller announced during the livestream that the mode has been scrapped as it seemed there was “no end in sight”.

Gameplay of the mode was shown off in 2019, showing off extensive talent trees for each hero with a focus on progression in hero missions. There will be story missions done in the same way in the original Overwatch, but now the other half of the game is no longer coming.

Jared "Rare" Tracton

News writer for XboxEra.

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