KartRider: Drift Enters Season 2 With New Maps, Characters, Cosmetics, Balancing, and More

New maps, characters, BT21—Oh my!

Developer and publisher Nexon Games has announced the details of KartRider: Drift’s latest Season 2 patch. Launching today after the game’s maintenance window of 1400 to 1930 hours PST, this latest season’s Grand Prix kicks off right at the end of maintenance and includes changes to how brackets work (ranks are now separated by 400 Rank Points instead of 600). The Racing Pass will once again go up to 40 levels and include various cosmetics and new characters (KartRider original and UNIVERSTAR BT21 toons).

Alongside new World Kart Championship and Village-themed tracks comes map license restriction changes—tracks that once needed the L3 license unlocked are now available upon completing the B1 License instead. A License training course has been added as well allowing for freeform practising of your weaksauce drifting skills.

Balloons have been introduced to KartRider: Drift. These Balloons change the effects of certain weapons used on your kart in Item Mode and increases your Boost Gauge’s automatic charge in Speed Mode. Balloons are consumed after one race and will be removed from your kart once they’ve been depleted. You can recharge them with Lucci (the game’s earnable currency).

Finally, new liveries, game modes, race replays, balance changes, and bug fixes will be implemented. This season will run until the 5th of July at 1700 hours.

Have a gander here to view the full changelog. You can also view the cinematics and item updates for the game below. And a reminder that KartRider: Drift is free-to-play and currently sits at 2nd place on the Xbox Store’s top free games category.

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