Halo Infinite Gets Permanent Super Fiesta Game Mode, Quality of Life Changes, and Bug Fixes

Scream harder about not getting the right weapon in the now-mainstay Super Fiesta mode.

Developer 343i has announced the deployment of a patch for Halo Infinite, which makes the Super Fiesta game mode introduced in March 2023 as a mainstay mode, includes balance changes for grenades and the like in Ranked matchmaking, quality of life changes for Forge creators and players, and finally bug fixes related to cinematics, launching Halo Infinite on low-end machines, and various other functions of the game. The patch is roughly 5GB across all platforms.

Have a glance below for a brief list of additions and changes. You can click here to see the full changelong including developer commentary.



This update brings new content, numerous bug fixes, and several new features to Halo Infinite. For a full list of this update’s bug fixes, see the Resolved Issues section below. New features and content included in this update are:


Super Fiesta, which first appeared in the BTB Unlimited playlist in March 2023, is now available as an Arena game mode in both Custom Games and the Fiesta matchmaking playlist (the latter of which has now been renamed to Super Fiesta). This version follows the same rules as regular Fiesta, but with some new gameplay elements.


New Customs Browser Location

The Customs Browser can now be accessed through the Play tab located in the main menu. After selecting Custom Game from the Play tab, the Customs Browser menu prompt will appear above the Create Match button.

The Customs Browser is still accessible via the Community tab.

Increased Matchmaking Playlist Visibility

The number of playlists displayed under the Multiplayer menu has increased from 5 to 10. This will ensure that more playlists are immediately visible without needing to scroll down.


Owners and co-owners of Forge content can now upload preview images on PC as part of their Forge Asset Details. Preview images are sourced from the Xbox Game Bar folder. Use the accordion below to learn how to take a screenshot via Xbox Game Bar.


Players on an Xbox console can now enable an FPS Counter from the Settings menu. When this feature is enabled, a small box will appear at the top right corner of the screen, displaying the current number of frames per second.

This feature may be helpful for Forge creators on Xbox consoles as it illustrates a map’s performance in normal gameplay.



In Ranked matches, the number of Equipment charges for the Shroud Screen has decreased from 2 to 1.


The rate of fire and damage for the Disruptor have both increased slightly, while the distance between two players required for shock chain damage to occur has been reduced. In addition, the Disruptor will no longer inflict damage over time.


The number of projectiles that explode out of Spike Grenades has doubled, while the distance and damage inflicted has been reduced.


The time it takes for Dynamo Grenades to detonate, as well as the area of effect, shock chain distance, and time between shock damage pulses has been reduced. In addition, the number of shock damage pulses and the damage inflicted by them has increased. Player movement will no longer be stunted due to shock damage.


During Ranked matches, the initial time it takes for the Hill to appear has been reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds, and after entering the Hill, there is no longer a delay that occurs before the player starts capturing it.


Many improvements come from Halo Insider and Halo Support tickets submitted by our community. Thank you for participating and please keep submitting tickets!

Halo Support tickets help the team here at 343 Industries understand what issues you would like to see addressed in future Halo Infinite updates. The development team is actively working on a variety of game updates and improvements based on both player feedback and bug report tickets.


  • There is now a reduced chance of the Season 3 cinematics replaying on every launch of Halo Infinite.
  • Halo Infinite will no longer crash on launch when attempting to play on a PC that is below the minimum specifications. This was an unintended bug that caused the game to crash before showing the below minimum specification warning message.
  • When using the Bumper Jumper control scheme, players are now able to fire their vehicle’s weapons while holding down the Switch Seat button. This applies to the following vehicles:
    • Wasp
    • Banshee
    • Ghost
    • Brute Chopper
    • Shade Turret
  • The glowing light that appears on the ground below both the Ghost and Wraith vehicles now appears correctly.
  • The headlight brightness for all UNSC vehicles has been reduced.
  • If the Control Panel menu is opened while viewing an Armor Core unlock notification, the Armor Core unlock notification will no longer block the player’s view of other menus.


  • Stability improvements have been made to multiplayer servers to reduce instances of multiplayer matches abruptly ending early or disconnecting all players.
  • Power Weapons and Equipment will now respawn immediately after the on-screen timer above the Weapon or Equipment Pad has reached 0.


  • While in Observer mode, the team positions on the scoreboard will now remain the same when swapping between players on opposing teams.
  • On-screen damage indicators will no longer appear when swapping between players in Observer mode.
  • When playing as an Observer on PC, players are now able to display the Stat Board after pressing the default input.
  • While in Observer mode, in-game actions that are mapped to certain buttons will no longer occur while typing a message in text-chat.


Edit Mode and Creation Tools

  • Script brains now have a limit of 128 nodes.
    • Players will be notified when they hit the node limit via an on-screen prompt. Any script brains that currently exceed the 128-node limit can still be accessed, but new nodes can’t be added until the node count is below 128.
  • When moving an object with the Movement Snap setting set to 0.001, the object will no longer behave as though the setting was set to .
    • This change will allow for precise and slow object movement when using the 0.001 Movement Snap option, which is especially useful for fixing Z-fighting issues and fine detail work.
  • If a crash occurs during a Forge session, autosaves are now more likely to trigger before the crash, preventing any loss of progress.
  • The movement of the camera in Forge now behaves in parity with the Camera Speed setting.

File and Map Publishing

  • Players can now select and enter older versions of Forge maps in both Forge and Custom Games.
  • When a player deletes a Forge Asset, any player who Bookmarked that file will now be able to access their My Bookmarks menu without issue.


With this update, the team has added multiple new issues to our Known Issues lists:



  • When viewing a purchasable customization bundle through the Armor Hall, Weapon Bench, Vehicle Bay or Spartan ID menus, the bundle’s name is not visible.
  • After purchasing a customization bundle through the Armor Hall, Weapon Bench, Vehicle Bay or Spartan ID menus then returning back to the previous Customize menu, the newly purchased item(s) may appear to be locked.
    • Workaround: If the bundle was successfully purchased, the item will be unlocked upon backing out of then re-entering the Customize menu. 
Halo Infinite 10th of May 2023 Patch Notes

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  1. Good article. But gotta say: I prefer regular Fiesta. With the recent updates, I have to think too hard after working all day and I’m not enjoying it. It’s like now I’ve got to take time to learn a bunch of new…crap and it’s boring. It used to be nice to kick back, relax and play for a while and where I’d been a steady silver/gold player before, I’m simply not enjoying it anymore. And playing against bots? Meh… Honestly, I wish they’d add levels to campaign. At least there’s some intrigue there. Truthfully, it’d be nice to be able to go “old school” in multiplayer as well as establish “map preferences,” but alas. C’est la vie…

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