Game Freak Partners with Publisher Private Division for their Upcoming Title ‘Project Bloom’

2K’s indie publishing arm Private Division has announced it is working with Game Freak on their new action-adventure game codenamed ‘Project Bloom’. Not many details have been provided, but the company posted a key art of Project Bloom, featuring a lone swordsman against a backdrop of yellow auras, trees, and a lot of spores.

Game Freak is commonly known for its Pokémon video games, but they’re no strangers to producing independent content. Heck, they’ve got three games published on Xbox: GIGA WRECKER ALT., TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, and Little Town Hero. It remains to be seen what Project Bloom turns out to be but it’s nice to see the company continue to try and branch out from the only thing it’s really known for.

Have a gander at the sourced Tweet below.

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