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Redfall has found a player base at launch on Xbox despite poor reviews

Redfall has faced a lot of criticism from critics since its release last week, so much so that Xbox head Phil Spencer publicly apologized for the game’s failure to meet fan expectations. Even with the game not being well received by many, the game has charted highly in the Xbox ecosystem during its launch week.

Looking at Microsoft’s US website, shows at the time of this article, that Redfall is currently the 12th most played game overall on console and the 2nd most played game on Game Pass on console. 

Redfall has now fallen to a 59 on OC at the time of this article, with numerous reviews calling it one of the worst titles of the year and a stain on the platform. Our own review had a far more positive take on the title, scoring it an 8.5.

Phil Spencer joined the Xcast on Kinda Funny Games and spoke about his commitment to letting Arkane Studios continue to make the games they want to make, despite Redfall’s critical failures:

Redfall has received its first patch as well, one focused on minor bug fixes that can be found here and is listed below:


  • Fixed an infinite loading screen issue that resulted from suspending and resuming gameplay while Fast Traveling across the map
  • Fixed a save system crash that resulted from suspending and resuming gameplay while Fast Traveling across the map


  • Updated game server heartbeat logic for improved backend communication with live servers

Editor’s Note: The initial headline and content of this piece did not match our journalistic standards, and have been removed/updated where deemed appropriate.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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  1. Thank goodness for this. I’ll take an 8.5 from Jesse any day.

    Can’t wait to play it.

  2. Great review. Glad its not a disaster. Playing now! Bioshock vibes already.

  3. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    Watching this now. Such a meaty review covering so many aspects. Really appreciate the extensive coverage.

    I forgot to preload the game, so waiting for it to install now.

  4. the article has a TON of pictures you can’t see in this forum thread

  5. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

    Great review! Really well put together.

    I will try this game now, despite the 30 fps, if it’s solid it might work without giving me nausea. If not, I’ll wait for the 60.

    Why. WHY? I hate this, I really do. This is an area where first party should shine. It’s the kind of shit you see in dlc for Just Cause 3…

  6. Avatar for vrg vrg says:

    Love this style of review where everything in the game is covered in good detail. Super informative, and allows viewers to determine if the game is for them.

  7. most positive review I seen, Most I seen says the game is very bad, And it not a steady 30fps for me on xbox. I did uninstall the game. I not mad but disappointed

  8. I can’t be mad at a game I had no hype for honestly. I had to quit due to motion sickness related to the 30FPS which happens for any fast paced FPS for me. But in all honesty…the game didn’t do anything for me. The melee felt janky as hell. On my first Stealth melee kill the woman died instantly and she laid there in blood…which was bizarre.

    Its great to see someone enjoy it though but the scores being low I can understand. OVerall its just incredibly uninspired. The graphics are really bad on Series X.

    No excuses for no 60FPS IMO.

  9. Weird. I’ve been playing for about an hour, and I could seriously get lost in a game like this. You can definitely see the Arkane DNA as it’s very immersive so far. I don’t usually care about 30 or 60 frames or whatever. So long as it’s not noticably janky, I can adapt. No big.

    Love the atmosphere. The mechanics feel great. Legit will probably purchase it.

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