‘Slow-burn Horror’ No One Lives Under the Lighthouse Comes to Xbox Consoles May 18

Are you sane enough to watch this lighthouse?

Developer Marevo Collective and publisher Torture Star Video have announced that the cult horror game currently available on PC comes to Xbox consoles on the 18th of May. Tasked with keeping the lighthouse lit every night after the previous keeper goes missing, players will need to keep themselves from falling into the dangerous pit that are hallucinations and other sightings, because it’s just you on that desolate island: No One Lives Under the Lighthouse.

Check out the game’s trailer, gallery, and press release below. You can find the game’s store page right over here.

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse
                 is coming to Consoles!

      Torture Star Video brings the slowburn horror cult hit to Xbox, Playstation and Switch!

May 3rd, 2023 – From publisher Torture Star Video (Night at the Gates of Hell, Rewind or Die) and developer Marevo Collective (, You can’t do it alone) comes the console release of one of 2020’s best indie horror releases.

You arrive at the old lighthouse on a small island near the coast of the United States. After the previous keeper has gone missing, you need to take over his duties and watch after the light. The member of the Establishment told you they’ll get you an assistant after a week or two, but right now you’re on your own… or at least you think you are.


  • A nice calming Island setting
  • Realistic lighthouse care and work
  • Psychological horror elements
  • No spoken words, environmental storytelling
  • First person mystery with puzzles and immersive features

The story is truly unique and dripping with atmosphere. Fans of slow burn horror stories will really enjoy the pacing and lead up until the resolution of the game. No One Lives Under the Lighthouse will keep you entertained from start to finish with its puzzles and mystery elements, and will always leave you scanning the seas for more. It also has multiple endings for added replayability!

This desolate rock you find yourself on holds more secrets than its surface reveals. Can you uncover the mystery of the lighthouse?

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse is coming to Xbox One/Series, Playstation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch on May 18th!

No One Lives Under the Lighthouse Press Release

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