Warframe’s ‘The Duviri Paradox’ Adds a Roguelike-inspired Cinematic Adventure For Players Old and New

Time loops are a Tenno expertise.

Digital Extremes’ has launched their latest update to their free-to-play third-person looter shooter, introducing a new cinematic adventure mode that is fully story-driven and can be accessed by any player regardless of their progression in the game and skill level. Players will take control of The Drifter as they comb through the spirals of life and death, scouring environments, and ultimately repeating their journey against an ever-changing and divergent open world. Besides sword and gun combat, there are plenty of other activities to take on such as Maw Fishing, Komi, and more.

The update is now available on all platforms. Have a gander below at the release trailer for more information. Warframe currently supports cross-platform play with cross-saving coming sometime in the future.

LONDON, Ontario – April 26, 2023 – Global games developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ anticipated free Warframe update The Duviri Paradox is available today for all platforms, welcoming all players to embark on a wild, time-looping journey through Duviri’s fractured and 

ever-changing multidimensional world. Introducing an exciting new way to experience the thrills of the online sci-fi MMO, The Duviri Paradox is Warframe’s first story-driven cinematic update that is not progression-locked and is available for all players to enjoy for free regardless of their skill level, experience, or familiarity with the game. 

A new gameplay launch trailer dives deeper into the story of The Duviri Paradox while showcasing more of the ever-changing open world that players will traverse with their Kaithe as they unearth Duviri’s secrets and take down new enemies with electrifying combat, including the terrifying Orowyrm:  

“The Duviri Paradox is truly a complete departure from our approach to open world design. Everything from its aesthetics and color, to thematic elements, gameplay mechanics, our approach to storytelling and accessibility, this update overhauls how a new player can experience Warframe, while still retaining the classic elements of Warframe’s wildly frenetic gameplay that returning players love and expect from us,” said Rebecca Ford, Creative Director for Warframe at Digital Extremes. “This update is the last piece in the story of the Drifter before we move on to our next multi-year narrative arc that will explore more of the Drifter and Operator’s journey as we prepare to learn more about The Man in the Wall.”

Starting today, new players jumping into Warframe for the very first time will be presented with two choices when beginning the game – starting their journey with The Duviri Paradox as the Drifter or beginning their journey through the game’s main path with a Warframe. This choice does not impact or lock a player’s ability to experience the other side. For returning players, The Duviri Paradox Quest will be available in their codex and Duviri will appear on their Star Chart when the update launches later today. All players will continue their post-Quest journey in Duviri by selecting one of three game modes: ‘The Circuit’ which provides a new Warframe Only endless game mode, ‘The Duviri Experience’ which is a full open world adventure, and ‘The Lone Story’ for a solo narrative experience.

Warframe – The Duviri Paradox Press Release Excerpt

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