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Hi-Fi RUSH was a “break out hit” in “all key measurements and expectations” says Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg

Hi-Fi Rush was a surprise hit amongst fans when it shadow dropped earlier this year and seems to have also been a success for Xbox and Microsoft. Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter today to reaffirm the games success after rumors began circulating that Microsoft was unhappy with the games financial success.

While Greenberg obviously doesn’t share exact numbers, he does clarify what seemed obvious before the rumors began; Hi-Fi RUSH was a success for both fans and Xbox. We do know that the game was played by at least 2 million players less than a month after launch and is one of the best reviewed games of the year.

Hi-Fi RUSH is just one game amongst Xbox’s promise to bring many diverse games to the market, with games like Redfall coming very soon and other first party exclusives like Forza Motorsport and Starfield coming later this year.

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