TEKKEN 8 to Feature Crossplay and Rollback Netcode

They're taken for granted, but can be challenging to implement.

In a nice, frank set of conversations on Twitter, TEKKEN Producer and Bandai Namco executive Katsuhiro Harada said that TEKKEN 8 would feature crossplay and rollback netcode “already installed.” Per the following tweets:

And on rollback netcode:

Crossplay, or the ability to play the same game software between players of different platforms, is nothing to scoff at. It’s been featured prominently over the last several years in fighting games, helping keep what tend to be small communities more tightly knit. It’s always welcome in my book. As for rollback netcode, that explanation is best left to the pros: you can watch a nice 10-minute summary of what rollback netcode is and why it’s better right here thanks to Core-A Gaming.

If you’ve been in the dark, now a good time to catch up on TEKKEN 8’s character reveals. Our defactos Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, grandma Jun Kazama, Leroy Smith, Nina, Marshall Law, Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama, and Jack-8 are all up for watching right now. Have a gander at all of them to catch more of the most offense-focused TEKKEN to date.

No release date has been confirmed for TEKKEN 8 at this time. It will launch on Xbox Series consoles and PC.

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