Latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection Adds Full Steam Deck Support

Full access to EAC-required online modes now work as intended.

In today’s Steam update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the game now supports online play for Steam Deck users. Previously, because Linux support (the kernel that SteamOS runs on) for MCC’s anti-cheat is fairly limited, Steam Deck players (and Linux players in general) were unable to play online. This update changes that, allowing matchmaking and Custom Games to run as excepted.

There are a few known issues, but the support article on the update assures that Steam Deck compatibility will improve with future MCC updates. Have a gander at the issues below or check out said article right here.


Alongside this update, the team has added three Steam Deck issues to our Known Issues list:

  • When launching Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam Deck, selecting one of the available Anti-Cheat launch options will result in the game launching with the opposite launch option. For example, selecting “Anti-Cheat Disabled” will result in MCC launching with Anti-Cheat enabled.
    • Until this issue is resolved in a future update, players on Steam Deck must select the “Anti-Cheat Disabled” launch option to access multiplayer matchmaking and the Custom Game Browser.
  • Shortly after being removed from or leaving a party with other players via the Roster menu, players on Steam Deck may experience Halo: The Master Chief Collection freezing or crashing.
  • Players on Steam Deck are unable to play Campaign Co-op or Spartan Ops with players on PC or Xbox consoles. Attempting to do so may result in players accessing gameplay, however, all sessions will eventually experience a “Connection Interrupted” error or a similar disconnection.
    • Campaign Co-op and Spartan Ops will function as expected if all players in the group are playing on Steam Deck.
MCC Support Article

Theoretically, this should make it so that other Linux distros could potentially play online. It’s worth testing out.

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