Extended Nighttime, Rally-theme Customisation, Anti-lag System, and More Comes in Forza Horizon 5’s Latest Update

The wheels on the console go round 'n round.

What you Need to Know

  • A new update is launching alongside Forza Horizon 5’s latest Rally Adventure expansion pack.
  • This update includes new vehicle customisation and tuning along with other game improvements for console and PC.
  • Mexico will see extended night cycles to help show off all the neon lights that’ll come with the next adventure.
  • And more! Read below.

Releasing on the 28th of March, the latest Forza Horizon 5 update will be extending nighttime across all of Mexico from the 30th all the way to the 27th of April. This will coincide with the latest Rally Adventure expansion pack, which will help show off all the neon lights that are prepped across the sandy roads. This update also includes new customisations that are rally-themed alongside body kits, a new Anti-lag and launch tuning system with tyre profile sizes, steering wheel rotation support for consoles, PC DLSS3 and Reflex support, and so much more.

A brief script of notable changes will be available below. You can find the whole list of changes right here as well as the full release notes here once the update goes live tomorrow.

Notable Improvements

  • We’ve fixed the black windows that appear on car thumbnails in the car selection menu. While this won’t retroactively apply to existing thumbnails, these can be regenerated yourself by modifying the car with either a new color, livery or tuning parts.
  • Fixed an issue in the Las Afueras Street Race upon resetting the car after missing a specific checkpoint.
  • Daily Wheelspins from the Hotel Castillo Player House are now consistently rewarded every day.
  • An issue that prevented players from using d-pad menus after the Convoy host disconnects while loading into a race has been fixed.
  • We’ve made improvements to alleviate the crash rate for head-to-head races in The Eliminator and Free Roam.
  • Players could generate excess accolade points offline that contributed to the Hall of Fame leaderboard by repeating timed accolade challenges. This has been fixed.
  • The number of target photos for Horizon Promo has been corrected.
  • An issue that caused cars to not rev past 3000 RPM when shifting from first gear to reverse, or from reverse to first gear, has been fixed.
  • A PC-specific issue that caused the game to crash if the display was not connected to the primary graphics card has been resolved.


Players who use a wheel in Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One have a selection of new options to customize:

  • Steering Rotation – This sets the range of steering degrees of rotation on your wheel device but does not affect the Steering Lock.
  • Steering Lock Multiplier – This sets the angle formed by the front of the vehicle and the direction of front tires at maximum steering angle. The lower this value, the lower the angle will be.
  • Steering Speed Sensitivity – This sets the amount of Steering Lock of the car with speed. Lower value will provide a lower steering lock at high speed. By default (1.0) the steering lock does not change with speed.


PC players using NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPUs can boost their Forza Horizon 5 framerates to new heights by enabling DLSS 3.0. This feature allows for silky smooth gameplay with over 120 FPS at 4K. Check out the benchmarks below for DLSS 3.0 performance at 4K and 1440p resolutions on RTX 40 Series GPUs.

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