BLAZBLUE Cross Tag Battle Open Beta to Commence for Xbox Consoles and Windows Store

Arc System Works Japan announced an open beta test for the upcoming port of BLAZBLUE Cross Tag Battle for the Xbox platform. It will run for approximately four days from Friday, March 10th at 1000 hours to Monday the 13th at 1600 hours Japanese Standard Time.

A number of playable modes will be available alongside all 53 playable characters from across many a series like BLAZBLUE, Persona 4, RWBY, Under Night, and more. The following modes will be available for play:

  • Episode Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Network Mode
  • VS Mode
  • Tactics Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Replay Mode
  • Gallery Mode

From the sound of it, essentially the whole game will be available for early playing. It’s the perfect time to hone your skills online and offline (or just have fun) in this fairly casual mashup fighting game.

More details can be found on the Japanese Arcsys website. An English announcement will likely follow soon after.

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