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Sword and Fairy 7 is an action RPG based on Chinese art style. And it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass this summer

What you need to know

  • Sword and Fairy 7 is an action RPG by a developer from Bejing
  • It released on PC on October 2021 to mostly positive reviews
  • It released on Xbox November 3rd 2022 and is coming to Game Pass on July 6th

At the Taipei Game Show the Head of Xbox Greater China, Cary Chen, revealed action RPG Sword and Fairy 7 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass this summer. It’s the seventh entry in the series by Softstar Technology, a game developer from Beijng.

”Experience the latest tale in the legendary Chinese mythology-based RPG series Sword and Fairy! Enter a realm that blends ancient mythology with traditional oriental aesthetics in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever. Weaving its tale between the three clans of Human, Deity and Demon, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever puts you in command of a memorable party of characters, each with unique personalities, motives, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Only together can they shape the future! Guide them as one in this compelling standalone chapter that serves as a jumping-on point for those new to Sword and Fairy while paying tribute to the series’ grand legacy.”

Sword and Fairy launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on November 3rd 2022. It’s heading to Xbox Game Pass this July 6th.

Pieter "SuikerBrood" Jasper

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  1. 7.3 MC, 7.8 user review. Seems to be a pretty decent jrpg. Will definitely give it a shot.

  2. It was on sale during xmas. Already bought it. Good game.

  3. Avatar for Vivir Vivir says:

    Interesting, I’ll give it a look.

  4. Didn’t buy when it was on sale so I’m happy to see it coming to game pass

  5. I think I tried a demo of this and it was neat but didn’t super grab me. Very flashy! I might give it another chance (if it is what I’m thinking of)

    Edit: Was thinking of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever.

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