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Rumor: Xbox to host Bethesda focused event for media in March

What You Need to Know

  • Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming reports that Xbox will host a Bethesda focused event for media members in early March
  • The games planned to be shown are The Elder Scrolls Online and Redfall

The marketing push for upcoming Xbox first party games seems to be in motion as reports of an early March Bethesda focused media events have surfaced. Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has reported that Xbox is planning a March  “event” that will give media members access to Redfall and The Elder Scrolls Online. Henderson also corroborates an earlier report by Jez Corden that claims Redfall will release on May 2nd.

Based on Henderson’s reporting, it appears that Starfield will not be at this media event. However, just like Starfield will be getting its own Developer_Direct, we expect it will get its own seperate media event closer to release.

Its an exciting time to be a fan of Xbox first party games as we are inching closer to actual releases and on the cusp of the very first Developer_Direct where we will get updates on highly anticipated games coming soon to the Xbox platform.

Austin "Proven"

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