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How to Watch the Xbox Developer_Direct

What is the Xbox Developer_Direct?

The Xbox Developer_Direct is an upcoming show featuring highly anticipated Xbox and Bethesda Games that will be releasing over the coming months on Xbox, PC, Cloud, and Game Pass.

When and Where can I watch this Developer_Direct?

The show will be streamed live on Wednesday, January 25th at 12pm PT/ 3pm EST and 8pm GMT. The show will be approximately 44 minutes long according to the already uploaded video.

You can watch the show on these various channels:

Xbox’s YouTube Channel

The XboxEra team will be reacting to the show live on our YouTube channel so you can watch alongside the team and hear our instant reactions.

What games should I expect to see at the Developer_Direct?

You should expect to see four games; Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and The Elder Scrolls Online. Extended gameplay will be shown for all four games with brand new gameplay and big features expected. Starfield will not be at this show as it will be receiving its own dedicated show later on.

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