Destiny 2: Armor Mods Going Free For All Tomorrow

Goodbye Ada, Hello Loadouts!

What you need to know

  • All Destiny 2 Armor Mods are going to be automatically unlocked for all players
  • Grandmaster Nightfall Power Level structure is changing
  • Armor Focusing is getting cheaper
  • More details in the TWAB on Thursday

There Are Those Who Said This Day Would Never Come

In a surprising announcement just ahead of their weekly This Week At Bungie blogposts, Bungie has announced on Twitter that starting tomorrow, January 11th, all standard Armor Mods will be automatically unlocked for all players. 

This comes just 47 days before the release of Lightfall, Destiny 2’s fifth expansion. With more details to come in the TWAB, the initial wording left some curious what Bungie considered to be a “standard” Armor Mod. Some of the most important Armor Mods are far from what I’d consider standard at the moment, given their increasing rarity. The Destiny 2 community will be pleased to learn that Liana Ruppert, one of Destiny 2’s Community Managers, clarified in a Tweet that this includes all Armor Mods except for Raid and Artifact mods. 

Among a few other tidbits, like the cost of armor focusing and a tease that the way the Grandmaster Power Level cap and structure will be changing, are also mentioned but we’ll need to wait until tomorrow’s blog update to hear more about the specifics. 

This is nothing short of fantastic news for anyone who plays Destiny. I myself wrote about this specific issue back in September. I’m over the moon with excitement to see what other quality of life changes are coming in Lightfall and beyond. 

Is there something super specific like free mods that you’d like to see Bungie address in the coming expansion? Be sure to let us know in the comments or over on our forum! 

Austin Ford

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