Deep Rock Galactic Celebrates 5.5 Million Units Sold, Continues to Grow

What you need to know

  • DRG sold 2.34 million units in 2022 alone, bringing the total to 5.5 million since 2018
  • Daily Active Users tripled since 2019
  • Over 750,000 Xbox Players since September

Deep Rock Galactic may have had a slow start, but with over 5.5 million units now sold since 2018, DRG is bigger than ever. Currently in its 3rd Season, DRG saw an explosive year in 2022. Coming to PlayStation consoles for free via PS Plus in January, and hitting Game Pass with its Xbox release in September, DRG shared a massive breakdown graphic of everything the game, and its players, have accomplished since 2018.

A load of fun stats like the more than 52 million fall damage deaths, sharing it’s 97% positivity rating on Steam, an average playtime of nearly 43 hours per user, and toting an impressive 24.5 million TikTok views so far, it seems that there is no limit to just how far DRG can dig. Go check out the graphic above for more awesome nuggets of info.

Deep Rock Galactic is available right now via purchase and Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC Game Pass.

Austin Ford

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