Every Game Coming to Xbox in 2023

2023 is looking like a great year for the Xbox platform. Below is a comprehensive (and constantly updated) list of every game targeting release in 2023 on Xbox One, Series X|S, and the Windows Store (listed as PC)













TBA (Lots Here)

January Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
January 6thWe Are The CaretakersXbox Series
January 11thChildren of SilentownXbox One, Xbox Series
January 12thBreakers CollectionXbox One, Xbox Series
January 12thChasing StaticXbox One, Xbox Series
January 13thDragon Ball Z: KakarotXbox Series (Upgrade)
January 13thONE PIECE ODYSSEYXbox Series
January 17thRE:CALLXbox One, Xbox Series
January 18thGraze Counter GMXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 18thWings of BluestarXbox One, Xbox Series
January 19thColossal CaveXbox Series
January 19thA Space for the UnboundXbox One, Xbox Series
January 19thPersona 3 PortableXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 19thPersona 4 GoldenXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 19thPersona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden BundleXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 19thTortuga – A Pirate’s TaleXbox One, Xbox Series
January 20thTrenchesXbox One, Xbox Series
January 20thMonster Hunter RiseXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 24thRisenXbox One
January 25thShoulders of GiantsXbox One, Xbox Series
January 25thHi-Fi RushXbox Series, PC
January 26thStartup Company Console EditionXbox One, Xbox Series
January 26thTransirubyXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 26thOddballersXbox One
January 26thMechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Rise of RasalhagueXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 27thDead SpaceXbox Series
January 30thBACKFIREWALL_ Xbox One, Xbox Series
January 31stAge of Empires 2: Definitive EditionXbox One, Xbox Series
January 31stSpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic ShakeXbox One, Xbox Series
January 31stInkulinati (Game Preview)Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
January 31stRaiden IV x MIKADO remixXbox One, Xbox Series
January 31stWe Were Here ForeverXbox One, Xbox Series

February Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
February 1stRhythm SproutXbox One, Xbox Series
February 2ndDeliver Us MarsXbox One, Xbox Series
February 2ndHyper ShapesXbox One, Xbox Series
February 2ndThe PathlessXbox One, Xbox Series
February 7thHogwarts Legacy: Digital Deluxe EditionXbox Series (3-Day EA)
February 9thBumblebee – Little Bee AdventureXbox One, Xbox Series
February 9thClash: Artifacts of ChaosXbox One, Xbox Series
February 13thWanted: DeadXbox One, Xbox Series
February 14thTen DatesXbox One, Xbox Series
February 17thGigantosaurus: Dino KartXbox One, Xbox Series
February 17thTales of Symphonia RemasteredXbox One, Xbox Series
February 17thWild HeartsXbox Series
February 17thLike a Dragon: Ishin! Digital Deluxe EditionXbox One, Xbox Series, PC (4-Day EA)
February 21stAtomic HeartXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
February 23rdBlood Bowl 3Xbox One, Xbox Series
February 23rdChef LifeXbox One, Xbox Series
February 23rdGrim Guardians: Demon PurgeXbox One, Xbox Series
February 24thTruck Driver: Premium EditionXbox Series
February 28thCatan – Console EditionXbox One, Xbox Series
February 28thDestiny 2: LightfallXbox One, Xbox Series
February 28thScars AboveXbox One, Xbox Series

March Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
March 2ndWo Long: Fallen DynastyXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
March 7thMelon Journey: Bittersweet MemoriesXbox One, Xbox Series
March 9thFATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar EclipseXbox One, Xbox Series
March 9thTransport Fever 2: Console EditionXbox One, Xbox Series
March 9thMonster Energy Supercross 6Xbox One, Xbox Series
March 10thMato AnomaliesXbox One, Xbox Series
March 10thDC’s Justice League: Cosmic ChaosXbox One, Xbox Series
March 16thAnno 1800Xbox Seriesx
March 17thPeppa Pig World AdventuresXbox One, Xbox Series
March 19thSTAR WARS Jedi: SurvivorXbox Series
March 23rdNot for BroadcastXbox One, Xbox Series
March 24thResident Evil 4Xbox Series
March 28thMLB The Show 23Xbox One, Xbox Series
March 28thCrime Boss: Rockay CityXbox Series
March 30thAery – Calm Mind 3Xbox One, Xbox Series
March 31stBlade AssaultXbox One, Xbox Series
March 31stDaymare 1994 – SandcastleXbox One, Xbox Series
TBA MarchAmnesia: The BunkerXbox One, Xbox Series
TBA MarchSystem Shock RemakeXbox One, Xbox Series
TBA MarchSifuXbox One, Xbox Series
TBA MarchVolley PalsXbox One, Xbox Series, PC

April Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
April 4thHogwarts LegacyXbox One
April 4thMeet your MakerXbox One, Xbox Series
April 4thRoad 96: Mile 0Xbox Series
April 18thGod of RockXbox One, Xbox Series
April 18thMinecraft LegendsXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
April 20thAd InfinitumXbox Series
April 20thCoffee Talk: Episode 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
April 25thAfterimageXbox One, Xbox Series
April 28thDead Island 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
TBA AprilStar Trek: ResurgenceXbox One, Xbox Series

May Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
May 2ndRedfallXbox Series, PC
May 11thFuga: Melodies of Steel 2Console, PC
May 26thSuicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueXbox Series

June Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms
June 2ndStreet Fighter 6Xbox Series
June 6thDiablo IVXbox One, Xbox Series
TBA JuneRoboCop: Rogue CityXbox Series

July Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

August Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

September Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

October Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

November Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

December Releases

Release DateGame TitlePlatforms

Month TBA 2023 Releases

Game TitlePlatforms
AEW: Fight ForeverXbox One, Xbox Series
After UsXbox Series
Age of Empires IVXbox One, Xbox Series
Akka ArrhXbox One, Xbox Series
Alan Wake IIXbox Series
Aliens: Dark DescentXbox One, Xbox Series
Arc RaidersXbox Series
Ark 2Xbox Series
Armored Core VI: Fires of RubiconXbox One, Xbox Series
Assassin’s Creed® MirageXbox One, Xbox Series
Atlas FallenXbox Series
Banishers: Ghosts of New EdenXbox Series
BattleCakesXbox One
BLUE PROTOCOL ™Xbox One, Xbox Series
Bounty StarXbox One, Xbox Series
CocoonXbox One, Xbox Series
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & ButterflyXbox One, Xbox Series
Company of Heroes 3Xbox One, Xbox Series
Crash Team RumbleXbox One, Xbox Series
Earthlock 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred HeroesXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Endless DungeonXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Ereban: Shadow LegacyXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Everspace 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
EXOPRIMAL™Xbox One, Xbox Series
Flashback 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Flintlock: The Siege of DawnXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
FlockXbox One, Xbox Series
Forza MotorsportXbox One, Xbox Series
Guilty Gear: StriveXbox One, Xbox Series
Hell Is UsXbox One, Xbox Series
HyenasXbox One, Xbox Series
Immortals of AveumXbox Series
Kerbal Space Program 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The GameXbox One, Xbox Series
Layers Of FearsXbox Series
Lies of PXbox Series, PC
Lightyear FrontierXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His NameXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
MaquetteXbox One, Xbox Series
Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Moving Out 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomXbox One, Xbox Series
Palworld Xbox One, Xbox Series
Planet of LanaXbox One, Xbox Series
Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive EditionXbox One, Xbox Series
PragmataXbox Series
R-Type Tactics I • II CosmosXbox Series
Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAXXbox One, Xbox Series
RavenlokXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Read Only Memories: NeurodiverXbox One, Xbox Series
Remnant 2Xbox Series
REPLACEDXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of ChornobylXbox Series, PC
SchimXbox One
Shadow Gambit – The Cursed CrewXbox Series
Slime Rancher 2 (Full Launch)Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Solar AshXbox One, Xbox Series
StarfieldXbox Series, PC
Steamworld BuildXbox Series
Story of SeasonsXbox One, Xbox Series
Suikoden I & II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification WarsXbox One, Xbox Series
Super Bomberman R 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Teslagrad 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
Test Drive Unlimited: Solar CrownXbox Series
The Anacrusis (Full Release)Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
The InvincibleXbox One, Xbox Series
The Last Case of Benedict FoxXbox One, Xbox Series, PC
The Lords of the FallenXbox Series
The Plucky SquireXbox Series
The Wolf Among Us 2Xbox One, Xbox Series
There Is No LightXbox One, Xbox Series
Thirsty SuitorsXbox One, Xbox Series
Under the WavesXbox One, Xbox Series
ValheimXbox One, Xbox Series
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2Xbox Series
Warhammer 40,000: DarktideXbox Series
WrestleQuestXbox One, Xbox Series

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  2. Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch - Gematsu (Feb 23rd)

    Those are just Japan release dates for now though, so I’m not sure if they fall under TBD or not.

    This one is TBD altogether

    Summer 2023 for this. The Xbox version isn’t in the article as it was announced later

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  7. So many fucking games ts unreal

    I dont think xbox has ever had a year like 2023 and will ever have one

    I cant remember ANY console being this fucking stacked in terms of games.

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