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High on Life has become one of the most played games on Xbox and is a massive success story for Game Pass and developer Squanch Games

High on life is quickly becoming one of the biggest surprise success stories in recent Xbox history and one of the best performing day one Game Pass games ever.

Benji Sales, who has a very popular Twitter account covering the games industry, has been following High on Life’s metrics through the Xbox store and the numbers are impressive to say the least.

High on Life is currently the number one most played game on Game Pass beating out juggernauts like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5. It is also currently the number three most played game on Xbox entirely, currently sitting behind two massive games in Fortnite and Modern Warfare II.

The popularity of this game could not have been foreseen as it is an entirely new single player IP and is made by Squanch Games who really haven’t released anything of significance up until the release of High on Life.

Why is this game so popular then? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how this happened, but it seems to have incredibly good word of mouth amongst players and has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok. The studio is founded by Justin Roiland, a co creator of Rick and Morty, and High on Life shares a similar tone of humor with that show. It’s quite possible then that this game is resonating with an audience that appreciates Roiland’s work and that is why the game is seeing so much success.

It is currently unclear what this games success means for Squanch Games or Xbox, but is already clear that High on Life is one of the most successful day one launch Game Pass games ever and is currently a viral hit that is propelling the game to heights previously unforseen.

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