A group of 300+ Zenimax employees plan to launch union, if successful would be largest United States gaming union and first to formally unionize within Microsoft

A group of 300+ Zenimax employees are planning to form a union. If successful, the union would be the largest gaming union within the United States and the first union within Microsoft.

The newly announced union took to Twitter to share the news. In a series of tweets, “Zenimax Workers United” says “Today we, a majority of QA workers at ZeniMax, are proud to announce the launch of our union with @CWAunion. We are the first group of workers at Microsoft to formally unionize. We are empowered to advocate for ourselves & build a future where we can thrive alongside the company”.

They go on to explain why the Union was created and their goals. They also explain how Microsoft has remained commited to recognizing the Union and will stay “neutral”.

The formation of this Union comes months after Microsoft announced their plans to stay neutral in Union proceedings and ultimately recognize them as they form. This announcement also comes on the backdrop of the Communications Workers of America endorsing Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard due to their neutral Union stance.

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