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Sony claims Game Pass has 29 million subscribers while complaining to the CMA about Microsoft’s potential Activision-Blizzard acquisition

Playstation is really determined to try and stop the Activision-Blizzard deal at all costs as it senses an increase in competition from Xbox. In recent documents released by the CMA, Sony said a lot about how Microsoft might copy their own anti consumer strategies including raising prices of consoles and foreclosing access to previously third party games. We will ignore those statements for now and focus on Sony’s claims that Game Pass has 29 million subscribers.

The last official numbers we have on Game Pass came in January at the 25 million figure. It is unclear how Sony knows these numbers but it would be incredibly strange for them to make them up. Until we get official confirmation from Microsoft these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt as we have no idea where these numbers came from or how recent they are.

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  1. Sony is absolutely pathetic. They constant steal ideas and features from Xbox, pay to keep games off of gamepass and Xbox yet cry foul when MS does something they can’t afford to follow them on. No some swedish communists are saying the deal would somehow be bad for shareholders and are trying to sue. Guess what happens to shares if this deal falls apart morons. You think they’re going to go up, they’re going to plummet.

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