The Xbox Series S is getting significant discounts at many different stores. We rounded up the best deals so you can jump in to next gen at the lowest possible price.

The Xbox Series S is seeing significant discounts across multiple retail stores as Black Friday and the holiday season approaches. We have rounded up the best deals across the globe so you can jump in to next gen at the lowest possible price.


Amazon US is selling a Series S Holiday bundle as low as $240. This product continues to fluctuate in and out of stock, so keep checking the link if it is currently unavailable. Amazon UK is currently selling the console as low as £176.69 dollars but stock continues to fluctuate as well.


Dell is selling the Xbox Series S Holiday bundle for $235 dollars. If you have such a thing, this purchase is eligible for up to $14 dollars back in “Dell rewards”.


Target has one of the best deals we have ever seen for the console, offering it at the low price of $250 with a $50 target gift card offered with purchase of the console.

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys is offering the console for £189.99. The store is also offering the console with an extra controller for £224.98.

Xbox’s own store is selling the console for 60 dollars off if you want to buy directly from Microsoft. They also link directly to other retailers who offer discounts if you want to check out stores we may have missed.

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