The Halo Infinite Winter Update Release Rollout Is Here

Tomorrow, the Halo Infinite Winter Update is going live, and with it comes many highly anticipated features including Campaign Online Co-op, a free 30-tier Battle Pass, and of course, a whole new era of Forge!

343 dropped this graphic on Twitter today, revealing when the update will rollout to players based on their time zones. Make sure you take a look and mark your calendar, it’s arriving soon!

Be sure to monitor the official XboxEra channels tomorrow for some fun celebrations for the release of the new Halo Infinite update!

I promise, you’re not gonna wanna miss what we have in store, and we don’t just mean Sikamikanico’s map, Curfew.

Austin Ford

Austin is a streamer, mostly focusing on games like Halo and Destiny, though occasionally stepping out of his comfort zone, too. A Halo fan since 2001, he claims that he's an OG but how OG can you be when you were 6 the first time you played it?

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