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Atomic Heart might be releasing on Game Pass on February 21st, 2023

Atomic Heart might be releasing day one on Xbox Game Pass on February 21st if leaks are to be believed. The official release date announcement is set for tomorrow, but outlet WhatifGaming claims a source tipped them on a February 21st release date.

“Xbox News Guy” and Twitter user IdleSloth84_ also claims to have checked the source code of the scheduled release date announcement video which also indicates a February 21st release.

If this release date is true it will add yet another game to what is currently looking like a stacked 2023 for Game Pass. Multiple first party games, day one third party deals and more should fill out a strong 2023 barring any delays.

Austin "Proven"

Writer and Contributor for XboxEra. Halo 3 is a perfect game.

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