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An in game screenshot from Obsidian’s Avowed may have just leaked

Avowed has been in development for quite a while from Obsidian Entertainment and is supposed to be a Skyrim-like first person fantasy RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. Details of this game leaked last year when notable Xbox insider Jez Corden shared details of an early build of the game.

Corden seems to be the center of attention again as he shared an early in game screenshot of the game earlier today. In a now deleted tweet, Corden shared a heavily pixelated image that was not clear as to what it was but apparently related to the game.

A Twitter user responded to this image with an image that had been cleared up to show a less pixelated but still blurry image.

Eventually, a clear and in focus screenshot was posted online by an unknown source.

This appears to be the first in game screenshot we have of Avowed and confirms many things we already knew. There is a heavy focus on dual wielding mechanics including magic and weapons. The game appears to be relatively colorful which is something Jez Corden noted when he saw the game last year. Jez does note that this picture is very old so its possible things may have changed.

While this image isn’t the most exciting and is apparently pretty old at this point, it’s still the first real image we have of Avowed. Obsidian has been working on this game for a long time and everything we’ve heard about the game continues to raise our expectations of what Avowed could end up being.

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