Microsoft responds to the UK Competition & Markets Authority, saying the firm “adopts Sony’s complaints without the appropriate level of critical review”

Microsoft has responded to the UK CMA’s decision to go to a phase 2 review of the Activision-Blizzard acquisition and they do not sound pleased with the decision. Microsoft has laid out their concerns in many ways, primarily being aimed at Sony, explaining Playstation’s market leadership in console, bevy of exclusive games, and ability to increase console price with little fear of losing market leadership.

Microsoft also claims the CMA is adopting Sony’s arguments without critically reviewing the claims, and even goes as far as to suggest the regulatory body is concerned with protecting Sony’s market leadership.

Microsoft is doing all it can to get the deal passed and is responding to any and all concerns about the deal. There have already been a few countries that have approved the deal, including Saudi Arabia and Brazil, but many important countries including the UK and US are still undecided.

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