The creators of Fallout discuss how the series was created in ‘Fallout 25th anniversary retrospective’ video

The first Fallout released on October 10th, 1997 and spawned one of the most successful RPG series of all time. To celebrate the occasion, some of the creators of the series including Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Feargus Urquhart and Brian Fargo discussed the origins of the series and the design decisions that led to the revolutionary series.

All four of these individuals just so happen to work at an Xbox Game Studio. Urquhart is the CEO of Obsidian while Cain and Boyarsky also work at Obsidian and led development of The Outer Worlds. Brian Fargo is the studio head of inXile best known for the Wasteland series. The Fallout series is currently under the stewardship of Bethesda Game Studios who were acquired by Xbox in 2021.

As Fallout celebrates its 25th anniversary, it’s a little unclear right now where the series goes from here. Bethesda is hard at work on Starfield which is expected to launch in the first half of next year and have already announced The Elder Scrolls VI as their project after that.

Obsidian has their own history with the series having worked on Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. They have long been rumored to be interested on working on the series again with notable insider Jeff Grubb even suggesting Obsidian were having talks about making a followup to New Vegas earlier this year. While this sounds great, Obsidian confirmed themselves they were busy working on their own franchises and were not actively looking to work on Fallout. So as of today, we don’t really know when to expect the next Fallout game.

Still, even with the series unclear future, we have many great Fallout games to look back on and Fallout 76 which continues to recieve updates. The Fallout series means so much to so many and helped define a genre. It is an important series in the history of video games and will hopefully have a bright future under the Xbox banner.

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