Phil Spencer’s shelf might have just teased the rumored Xbox streaming device

Phil Spencer shared an image of a vault boy on his shelf in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Fallout franchise. It has become a tradition of sorts for Spencer to tease upcoming projects, game pass deals, or other Xbox related things on his shelf long before they happen. With this latest image, it seems as though Spencer may have just revealed the long rumored Xbox streaming device.

On the very top shelf there is a white device that looks very similar to an Xbox Series S. You can clearly see the Xbox power button on the left hand side and what looks to be a USB port on the right. However, this device is too small to be a Series S, as the controller to its left seems to be roughly the same size.

A Series S for comparison

The rumor of a cloud streaming device gained steam when noted Xbox insider Jez Corden reported on Windows Central Xbox’s further iterations upon their planned streaming device. “Keystone” is the supposed codename for this device and Xbox has apparently been working on this device for a while.

So, is this device actually “Keystone”. There’s no way to know for sure. It’s possible it is just a mini replica of the Series S. However, Phil Spencer clearly knows everything he does is hyper analyzed, and his shelf has hinted at many Xbox related things in the past. We’d bet this wasn’t an accident, and this picture was a way to tease a long rumored Xbox device.

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