Microsoft creates new website about their acquisition of Activision

It’s been almost 10 months since Microsoft announced their intent to purchase Activision. In an effort to put eyes on what the current status, and to answer any specific questions of the acquisition, Microsoft has created a new website just for that. I can see why Microsoft would do so, especially since people are still confused if their favorite Activision-Blizzard franchise will appear on their favorite platform, or if something is holding up the acquisition from being finalized.

The website itself goes into detail of what their intentions are for the acquisition, how far along they are in passing regulators, a brief analysis of the gaming market, and an interview with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer about the acquisition. While there is no new big news yet, this is a good place to answer any worries you may have regarding what will happen after the acquisition has finished.

Microsoft states that they believe the acquisition will be finalized during the 2023 fiscal year.

Jared "Rare" Tracton

News writer for XboxEra.

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