Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reiterates companies commitment to gaming, saying “It’s core to our DNA”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined an Xbox Academy workshop last week that focused on up and coming game developers across the UK. Nadella spoke about the importance of gaming to Microsoft and reaffirmed the companies commitment to Xbox. “It’s core to our DNA”, Nadella said in reference to gaming “what motivates us is how we bring more of the joy of gaming to the 3 billion people who play.”

This isn’t the first time Satya Nadella has thrown his support behind Xbox and their gaming endeavors. Nadella famously said that Microsoft is “all in on gaming” six months before the company committed 68.7 Billion dollars towards the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, a record for Microsoft and the gaming industry.

Microsoft has shown their commitment to Xbox beyond words with their investment in acquisitions, Cloud, and Game Pass. It should be reassuring to all Xbox fans that the head of one of the largest companies in the world seems committed to growing Xbox and sees Microsoft as a big player in the gaming industry.

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  1. Avatar for Proven Proven says:

    Microsoft needs to keep Satya and Phil around for a long time

  2. You’ve spent like 80b on acquisitions alone in the last 2 years, I believe you Satya :phil_lmao:

  3. Not enough JRPGs, Xbox is not trying hard! /s

  4. That reminds me that I’ve not seen Thiago on here in while lol.

  5. Thiago is banned for 2 weeks on Era. Originally he was threadbanned but after the negotiations by MCD with admins his ban was lowered to 2 weeks only.

  6. A permanent threadban is harsh, but on the other hand, Thiago could be replaced with a bot and people would probably not notice since he always posts the same things.

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