Halo Infinite Season 2 extended until March 2023 – Forge Beta & Co-op coming November along with free 30-tier battle pass and 2 forge maps

343 just put out a new video & tweet detailing another delay to Halo Infinite’s roadmap. Season 3 which was originally slated for November is now delayed until next March. In its place will be the Forge Beta (that had previously ‘target’ September) and Campaign Co-op and Mission replay (which is missing its August target).

Two new forge maps created by 343 will be coming to the game in this extended 2nd season as well as a 30-tier free battle pass that is introducing a new experienced base system (which is being called a beta). It is another in a long series of delays for the games as a service product though 343 is stating an intention for seasons to be 3 months (or so) starting with season 3.

For Xbox Era’s take on this disappointing news you can catch the You Had Me At Halo Podcast tonight at 7:15pm EDT live:

Jesse 'Doncabesa' Norris

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  1. Avatar for power power says:

    This wait for DLC feels endless.

  2. Avatar for Mort Mort says:

  3. :thinking: It’s been a month… DLC will be nice, but it’s not like we’ve been waiting very long.

  4. Clever

  5. Avatar for PsyDec PsyDec says:

    Supposedly mangler is getting a nerf

  6. internally screaming

  7. Avatar for BRiT BRiT says:

    Most likely in the aim assist portion?

  8. Avatar for PsyDec PsyDec says:

    Not sure, but imagine it will be treated as a T2 weapon rather than a T1. IE it will be in the same rotation as shotguns / stalker and shock rifle

  9. For what

    That shit dont kill anyone.

  10. Esport players bitching about it

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